Repico® couplings for wastewater treatment plant in Deventer

At the wastewater treatment plant in Deventer, contractor Pannekoek recently installed several Repico® couplings to their full satisfaction.

The Drents Overijsselse Delta water board is responsible for the wastewater treatment plant in Deventer. The water board would like to monitor the capacity and the flow of an existing pump to make it function as efficiently as possible. They commissioned contractor Pannekoek to install a flow meter in an existing pipeline. For this purpose, a section of the existing stainless steel DN800 pipe has been removed and the flow meter was placed in between. The Repicos® have been used to connect the flowmeter to the pipes. 

Contractor Pannekoek chose the Repico® repair couplings with two locks because of the compact and strong design in combination with the light weight. An additional advantage of the Repico® coupling is that it absorbs a minimal ovality of the existing stainless steel DN800 pipe. The contractor was pleased to experience how fast and easy the Repico® couplings could be installed.
The Repico® couplings are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility AVK Rewag in Vaassen. We produce repair clamps, Repico® pipe- and repair couplings, tapping saddles and support bushes. Read more about AVK Rewag

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