Challenge for large shipbuilding company

On a tug, they were forced to adjust the length of 2 steel suction pipelines, with an outside diameter (OD) of 355mm.

Due to several reasons welding was no option, therefore the shipbuilder had an urgent demand for 2 pieces DN350 couplings.One of the requirements was that the couplings must have a BV (Bureau Veritas) approval. 

A project manager of the shipbuilder contacted AVK, to identify if they could support in providing a quick but sustainable solution. Of course, AVK could support, within 2 days AVK Rewag produced 2 pieces Repico® DN350 Grip couplings, fully executed in stainless steel AISI316L. These two Repico® couplings were provided with a stainless-steel insert ring to protect the NBR gasket.

Just 2 days later, service engineers installed the Repico’s® without any delay in a South-European harbor. They were impressed by the easy installation and performance of the Repico® couplings. It just takes a few minutes to install the Repico’s, using only a torque wrench. 

To everyone’s satisfaction, the vessel was back on track within just 5 days.



Read more about the Repico® concept

Read more about the Repico® concept, the applications, our approvals and the benefits the Repico® couplings. 


Repico brochure

Overview of the Repico® couplings and repair couplings
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