40 pieces Repico® DN700 repair couplings for Industrial plant

AVK Rewag was contacted by the maintenance team of an industrial plant for assistance, to solve a problem.

The plant’s supply pipeline has weak welds and will probably be replaced in 2-3 years, so they were looking for a reliable temporary solution. This was of the utmost importance as shutting down the supply pipeline means shutting down the entire plant.

The supply pipeline is made of carbon steel with an OD of 711mm and the medium is saline with a maximum working pressure of 6 bar and an operating pressure of 2-3 bar. To make a good assessment of the situation, our expert visited the site to consult with the executing contractor and the supervisor responsible for the pipeline network and maintenance. Due to the pleasant and open communication with them the solution was found in Repico® RSD repair couplings. These Repico® RSD repair couplings have two locks that allow them to be tightened from both sides for a better distribution of the forces. The unique shape of the rubber gasket ensures an optimum protection of the welds and a good circumferential sealing if a leakage might occur. 
At the same time, in good cooperation with the customer, we developed a tailor-made repair coupling for the pipe elbows. Both couplings were tested successfully on-site. Within 4 weeks AVK Rewag manufactured 30 pieces Repico® RSD (repair couplings with two locks) DN 700 and 10 pieces Repico® RE custom made elbow couplings DN700 made of stainless steel AISI316L with EPDM rubber. 

The contractor was very pleased with the easy installation of the Repico® couplings, by simply tightening the bolts. AVK would like to thank the contractor and the industrial plant for their confidence and the opportunity to work together with them. 


Repico® benefits

Repico® repair couplings have several advantages over a traditional repair method. Read all the advantages of Repico® couplings here. 


Repico brochure

Overview of the Repico® couplings and repair couplings