Special resilient seated valves for industrial customers

AVK recently delivered special, resilient seated, DN 900 and DN 1000 valves to a large industrial customer.

Last year AVK was asked to contribute ideas about replacing a number of valves with the medium seawater. A salt medium generally produces corrosive materials, which means that the operation of valves often leaves something to be desired in the long run. In consultation with our technical specialists and the end customer, a suitable product specification was ultimately compiled.

The spindle is specially made from Duplex material and the spindle nut from aluminum bronze, both very suitable for use in a salty environment. To protect the casting of the housing and upper part, a powder epoxy coating was chosen according to special GSK guidelines. After applying the coating, the entire valve was “flashed off” so that any leaks in the coating would come to light.

Another challenge was that the valve had to have a construction length according to DIN specifications, but the hole pattern had to be made according to ANSI class 150. Our production department has also managed to realize this, a not daily combination. The final result is a valve which we supply under warranty and which is provided with material and pressure test certificates, supplemented with a guarantee on a “completely tight coating surface”. As AVK, we are very proud that we have achieved this great end result through good cooperation between our customer and the various departments within our company. Here too we see the great advantage of having our own production facilities. 


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