AVK repair clamps fix leakage in Czech hospital

AVK repair clamps fixed a leakage in a pipeline of a regional hospital in Czechia. Thanks to the stock of AVK Vod-ka and the prompt action of the local contractor, the leakage could be repaired quickly.

Recently, a contractor contacted our AVK branch in the Czech Republic. They were looking for a quick and reliable solution for a leak in a pipeline at the regional hospital in Litoměřice. Such a leak can of course cause major problems in a hospital, so the situation had the highest priority for AVK Vod-ka.

Thanks to their stock of repair clamps they delivered the same day two FS10 stainless steel repair clamps with a length of 300mm. The contractor was able to immediately install the repair clamps and was very satisfied with the quick solution to repair the leak.

AVK repair clamps ensure a cost effective and reliable solution for quick, simple and solid repairs of steel, copper, asbestos cement, cast iron, PVC and GRP pipes. A pipe with a hole, crack or corrosion leaks can be repaired easily and quickly. The stainless steel repair clamps are corrosion resistant due to complete pickling and passivating after welding of the clamp. The repair clamps have an optimal sealing, due to the vulcanized spanner plate, the fine-meshed wafer structure of the gasket with rounded tops and the elongated wafer structure of the gasket. 

The repair clamps are suitable for under pressure and pressureless repairs, for both under- and above ground and are available in a huge variety to give our customers the best repair solution.


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