Repico® Repair Clamp minimized downtime on a floating production platform

A large Oil & Gas production company faced an operational problem. AVK could support in providing a solution with a high quality Repico® repair coupling.

Due to a “weak” spot identified in a steel pipe DN300, with the possibility to expand to a burst and even a leakage, they had to stop their production process on one of their FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading). Because of the stop, a complete group of workers were down with the effect of no production (income) at all, a prompt solution was essential.

The responsible maintenance engineer contacted AVK, to identify if they could support in providing a solution for covering the “weak” spot with a high quality repair clamp! Logically AVK could support, as AVK Rewag is a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel repair solutions, like repair clamps or the Repico® product program. 

For this particular application AVK manufactured and supplied a DN300 Repico® RH (Repair Hinge) fully stainless steel AISI316 and NBR gasket. This Repico® RH is very easy to install (because of the Hinge construction and by just tightening two hexagon socket bolts the Repico® RH guarantees a proper sealing around the pipe). In addition, the repair coupling is light weight, space saving and suitable to resist 18 bar pressure rates.

At 10:00h in the morning, AVK arranged a courier, who brought the AVK Repico® RH to an arranged helicopter. A few hours later the Repico® arrived at his destination on the FPSO. Maintenance engineers installed the Repico® without any delay and were impressed due to the easy installation and performance of the Repico® Repair Hinge coupling. 

To everyone’s satisfaction, the production process was able to recommence around 19:00h that same day with the knowledge that the “weak” spot identified on the pipe had been addressed. The Oil & Gas company decided to purchase some extra Repico®’s RH for safety stock!

AVK would like to thank this Oil & Gas company for being given the opportunity to work in partnership with them and manufacture and supply a high quality repair solution that will provide long term performance.

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