AVK repair clamp saves precious water and time

With our wide range of couplings, adaptors and repair clamps we can help water utilities all around the world to save precious water and time.

This case from Kayseri in Turkey proves how our products can help authorities to become more efficient in their daily operations.

The mainline for a water tower in Kayseri failed for the second time and an AVK repair clamp could cut the water burst. The authority asked for the help of a fire truck to access the burst area, so they could apply the AVK repair clamp.  

Despite the uneven surface of the pipe due to the previous welding, water tightness could be maintained thanks to the liner design of the repair clamp. Due to the quick solution, they were able to proceed without disturbing the water supply to their customers. This demonstrates the efficiency of the repair clamp. 

The wide range of AVK couplings, adaptors and repair clamps can help water utilities all around the world save both water and time in many pipeline failure cases.

AVK repair clamps

AVK repair clamps ensure a cost effective and reliable solution for quick repairs on steel, copper, asbestos cement, cast iron and plastic pipes. The gasket structure creates a fully circumferential seal, and a pipe with a hole or crack will be repaired permanently.

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