AVK butterfly valves contribute to safe fire fighting system in Delft railway tunnel

A new fire fighting system with AVK butterfly valves has been installed to guarantee safety since extra train tracks have been constructed in an extra railway tunnel.

Delft railway station was renovated a few years ago. The station hall is situated in a new building, together with the municipal office. The train tracks, until then above ground, are now constructed underground. The railway tunnel that was built at that time was expanded in 2018 with an additional tunnel. Two extra train tracks are now being constructed into the new tunnel. The railway station will increase its capacity to four train tracks and two platforms. For this purpose, the second tunnel, which was already been constructed in shell, was prepared for the new train tracks and a second platform. 

The facilities for the second tunnel will be installed in the coming months. A tunnel is always sensitive to calamities. To keep the railway tunnel safe, the technical room has been expanded and equipped with various techniques and installations, such as signaling, fans, fire detectors, extinguishing systems, and standstill detection. To guarantee safety, a new fire fighting system has been installed.
The contractor has chosen the AVK InterApp Desponia® butterfly valves because of their optimum reliability and safety. AVK butterfly valves, produced in Switzerland, meet the highest requirements. They are equipped with an electric, hydraulic, and manual actuator so that extinguishing water is available when it is needed the most, even when the system fails. 



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