AVK delivers custom made repair clamp within 24 hours

In case of a leak, a fast delivery is no problem!

On a large oil & chemical plant a small leakage occurred in a steel pipe Ø140.3mm. The medium in the pipeline was oil, with a maximum temperature of 150°C and a working pressure of max. 10 bar. The responsible contractor for on-site maintenance contacted the AVK sales department for a suitable solution. A fast delivery was in this situation crucial. AVK could deliver this repair clamp within 24 hours! 

We delivered a reinforced clamp with a thicker body, a double number of bolts and lined with FKM rubber, which is highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosive media. The contractor and the owner of the factory site were extremely pleased with AVK’s fast service. The plant could continue with minimal disruption. 

Expect AVK... Our promises:
# expect solutions…
# prompt response…
# expect it to be effective and easy…

AVK Stainless steel repair clamps

More information

If you have a leak in a pipe that requires a quick and reliable repair, you can contact AVK Industrial Nederland. We not only supply standard versions, but also custom-made stainless steel repair clamps.


Double band repair clamp

How to install a double band repair clamp series 748
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