Air valves for industrial producer of oils

AVK solution for venting pipes in which oil is transported

AVK Industrial Nederland has a wide range of air valves in all possible versions. The most common are air valves in cast iron, steel, stainless steel / Duplex and plastic that can be used in many processes. Such as cooling water, waste water, firefighting systems and other industrial processes.

Recently, we have been able to contribute to a solution for venting pipes in which oil is transported. For this situation we have opted for a plastic air vent with a specially designed float. The challenge here was in the specific mass of the product. The function of an air valve is based on the fact that air is concentrated above the liquid. This opens the air valve so that air leaves the line and the liquid level rises again. The rise in the liquid level in turn ensures that the air vent closes and the medium cannot flow out of the pipe via the air valve. To achieve this, the float of the shut-off mechanism must float on the liquid, in this case oil with a specific mass that is quite different from that of other (neutral) liquids, namely 0.87 compared to 1.0. For this, the weight of the float had to be adjusted in such a way that it floats on the said medium.

Due to the short lines within our organization, we have come to a suitable solution in collaboration with our colleagues from technology and production!

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