In our production facility AVK Rewag we can produce custom made stainless steel couplings, fittings, and repair clamps.

With our in-house R&D department we can support you by designing/drawing and producing all kind of solutions. Your custom solution will be manufactured by a team of dedicated professionals, including certified welders, with years of experience.

On request we customize the products to special materials, dimensions, and pressure rates. The below is just an example of the possibilities. 

AVK Repair box with stainless steel elements

Do you want to be able to carry out repairs quickly, but do not have room for a large stock? Then the AVK repair box may be the solution for you! The AVK repair box is a simple, fast and flexible solution for emergency repairs of damaged pipes. The stainless steel repair elements allow you to make your own repair clamp, which can be used for permanent repair of cracks, holes or other damage to the pipes. The repair box consists of 6 or 10 stainless steel elements that can span a range from 86 mm to 1475 mm just by connecting different elements.


AVK delivers custom made repair clamp within 24 hours

Because of AVK’s fast service the plant could continue with minimal disruption. 
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AVK repair clamp saves precious water and time

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Big Repico® repair couplings DN1200 for the Middle East

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AVK Stainless steel repair clamps

If you have a leak in a pipe that requires a quick and reliable repair, you can contact AVK Rewag. We not only supply standard versions, but also custom-made stainless steel repair clamps.


AVK Repair box

The AVK repair box is a simple, quick and flexible solution for emergency repair of damaged pipelines.