Our contributions to UN Sustainable Development Goals

The AVK Group's purpose is to develop, manufacture and market products of high quality and with a long lifetime. Our products are parts of vital infrastructure including water supply, wastewater treatment and energy supply as well as a variety of other industrial applications that all together contribute to sustainable development, the health of people and a better environment.

For AVK Industrial Nederland sustainability and sound economics go hand-in-hand. Reducing water loss actively helps to reduce electricity consumption and protects one of our most valuable resources, and it also saves money. Our high-quality solutions minimise environmental impacts caused by excavation, repair or replacement. Thereby, our business foundation meets the requirements of social responsibility and environmental conscience.  

CSR performance ladder

Corporate social responsibility, circular procurement, development of our raw material passport, sustainable production, recyclability of raw materials, end products and packaging, sustainable energy, mobility and social return are part of our sustainable personnel policy. We take our social responsibility seriously and are proud that we have achieved (as one of only 38 companies in the Netherlands) the CSR Performance Ladder level 4 (the second highest level). Our aim is to create a better world around us together with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Actively contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the framework for global sustainable development efforts. The goals recognize that social, economic and environmental development are inextricably linked and that a common, global effort is needed to achieve sustainable results. 

Based on our stakeholder analysis, AVK Nederland has determined five of the 31 CSR themes that we want to pay extra attention to in the coming financial year 2023/2024. With these five themes we then contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) below. 

  • SDG 3 and 8 
    Good employment practices - Health and safety 
    CSR Performance adder theme 4
  • SDG 4
    Good employment practices - Training, education and organization of work
    CSR Performance ladder theme 5
  • SDG 9 and 12
    Circular economy and climate change - Raw materials
    CSR Performance ladder theme 23
  • SDG 11
    Fair business practices - Effects on society
    CSR Performance Ladder theme 15
  • SDG 16 and 17
    Fair business practices - Corruption
    CSR Performance Ladder theme 16 

The sustainable transition is one of the largest change projects that public and private companies are confronted with. That is why the SDG 17 target on partnerships is essential to successfully achieve the other SDGs. We work together with partners

Read more in the AVK Sustainability Report.

Production in the Netherlands

In our production facility AVK Rewag we benefit from modern production facilities and a safe and healthy working environment. We care about the environment and sustainable solutions, and we are proud to have achieved several ISO certifications.

  • ISO 9001 - quality management
  • ISO 14001 – environmental management
  • CSR Performance ladder level 4

The AVK Group has ambitious targets for its production companies in the field of electricity and water consumption. That is why all our companies are committed to reducing the consumption of electricity and water, with the added benefit of cost savings. Every AVK employee is encouraged to put forward points for improvement that benefit the environment. We look not only at the activities and processes in our production companies, but also at the behavior and business model of our suppliers.


AVK Sustainability Report

Sustainable development has always been part of our DNA, and our CSR activities are defined in our strategies and policies.