AVK Nederland

AVK Nederland is part of the AVK Group, market leader in the field of appendages in the segments: water, gas, wastewater, fire protection and industry. Our range consists of a wide variety of valves, fire hydrants, couplings, street covers and accessories that all meet the highest standards in terms of safety, durability and quality.

Expect... AVK

Because of our production sites and worldwide distributed sales companies, we are close to our customers. Doing business with AVK means leveraging our knowledge, expertise and dedication. With our five pillars, we want to meet your expectations in terms of: quality, reliability, innovation, sustainability and customer service. We therefore deliver customized solutions and can respond to any specific requirements and market needs. Expect... AVK.


AVK's products are characterised by excellent  quality, competitive price level and durability. We use a high-quality control of the production process, from start to finish. AVK is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. When it comes to quality, AVK leaves nothing to chance. Also have a look at the website of AVK Nederland

Logistics centre

The logistics centre of AVK Nederland is located on the Radeweg in Vaassen. This warehouse is controlled by automated processes, such as MRP runs for purchase, a WMS with barcode scanning and automated handling of your orders. We are very proud of our delivery performance, with more than 95% of deliveries on time.

Production location

Our production site AVK Rewag can be found in Vaassen. This well-equipped factory, including press streets and welding robots, generates tens of thousands of repair clamps, couplings and support bushes every year. For the Dutch market, an emergency delivery on the same day is even possible. AVK Rewag also produces stainless steel saddles, Orion couplings and various cast iron saddles. In addition, there is a special department for polyurethane coating valves and appendages. Since 2018, production has been expanded with the Repico® pipe and repair couplings. Of course, a special test room for carrying out various development and production tests can not be missed. More information can be found on the page of  AVK Rewag



Come and have a look around at AVK Nederland

AVK Nederland has been located in Vaassen for more than 40 years and is part of the international AVK group. With this company video we would like to show you more about our daily activities in terms of sales, logistics, production, development, customer service and corporate social responsibility. 


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