Power generation

Facilitating high performance in the generation of power

The requirements of the power plants are extremely high and often require tailor-made solutions. We supply highly specialized engineered products and accessories for any type of power generation plant meeting standards, approvals, performance and quality requirements worldwide through our global network of AVK sales companies and appointed distributors. Applications include cooling water, steam, waste water, hydro power, fuel gas desulfurization, and renewable energy.

The AVK Group has many years of experience within design, development and production of valves for the power generating industry. All products are tested and approved before delivery, and full documentation, material certificates, installation and maintenance instructions are available for each product supplied. Many of the products are designed and produced for maintenance-free use, and for products where regular maintenance is required, the design is focused on easy maintenance and service.

We offer industrial valves for various applications for power plants:

  • Generation of renewable energy
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Fluegas desulfurization
  • Classic thermal power plants (coal, natural gas, fuel oil)
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Cooling water

Industrial valves and accessories for power plants:

AVK Industrial Nederland is the official supplier of Repico®InterAppWouter WitzelTEC ArtecCYL and OMV-INDOIL for the Dutch market. Via AVK Industrial Nederland you have access to the complete product program of the AVK Group, including OrbinoxI.C. Valves and J.C. Hansen.



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