Industrial water treatment plants

AVK is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of valves and accessories for any type of industrial water treatment project, with decades of experience in designing and delivering solutions for all kinds of industrial water treatment projects.

Due to the ever increasing complexity of industrial processes, the (waste) water treatment industry demands extremely reliable and sustainable materials. Valves must be resistant to high pressure, high temperatures, all kinds of chemicals and water with aggressive substances.

To meet the demand of our industrial users, AVK can rely on its many years of experience and expertise. At AVK you will find industrial valves and accessories that meet the most recent standards. You can also contact the project management of AVK to help you with your water treatment installation.

AVK covers an extensive number of applications for water treatment segment such as:

  • Industrial water supply
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • High purity water installations
  • UF / RO installations
  • Demineralized water
  • Desalination processes including thermal processes and EDR processes
  • Various other industrial applications.

Industrial valves and accessories for water treatment:

Features AVK gate valves:

  • Soft sealing with flat bottom
  • Avoid waste water in water pipes
  • Fixed sliding nut
  • Avoid corrosion and high torques
  • Fully vulcanized slide
  • Avoid rust and corrosion
  • Double bonding process between rubber and sliding core
  • Avoid corrosion and malfunctions
  • Rubber is able to regain its original shape (so called memory effect)
  • Avoid leakage
  • Resistant to chlorine, ozone and other water purification chemicals
  • Avoid cracks and minimizes biofilm

AVK Industrial Nederland is the official supplier of Repico®InterAppWouter WitzelTEC ArtecCYL and OMV-INDOIL for the Dutch market. Via AVK Industrial Nederland you have access to the complete product program of the AVK Group, including OrbinoxI.C. Valves and J.C. Hansen.



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