District cooling and heating

For residential and commercial cooling and heating systems

AVK supplies a wide range of valves, gears and actuators for district cooling and heating systems.

The products are distinguished by a robust design, corrosive resistance, minimal condensation and a long, maintenance-free life. Our valves can be used in all applications, both within and outside buildings.

Automation is becoming increasingly important in district cooling and heating processes. The actuator is therefore, an important component of the valve - besides manual operation by means of a handwheel, lever or gear unit. AVK also offers a wide range of electric and pneumatic actuators and also accessories such as limit switches, positioners and solenoids.

AVK valves and accessories are suitable for a variety of applications within air conditioning or air treatment:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Displacement ventilation
  • Heat recovery
  • Adiabatic cooling
  • Air conditioning and heat pumps
  • Air heating
  • Radiant heat
  • Industrial underfloor heating
  • Suction systems
  • Fire ventilation
AVK Industrial Nederland is the official supplier of Repico®InterAppWouter WitzelTEC ArtecCYL and OMV-INDOIL for the Dutch market. Via AVK Industrial Nederland you have access to the complete product program of the AVK Group, including OrbinoxI.C. Valves and J.C. Hansen.


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Integrated solutions

For industrial applications

Find the right application for your own industry: fire protection, water treatment, power generation, pulp & paper, chemical processing, oil & gas, marine, life science, dams & reservoirs, steel, metering, district cooling & heating, mining & slurry, bulk applications and air separation.