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Smart meters collect and process information from the supply net, which is then stored in the meter. With today's technology this information can be accessed remotely creating opportunities, including the enablement of streamlining energy and water consumption. This provides a more efficient way for households and businesses to reduce their consumption, and for utilities to track and charge customers for their real-time consumption. In addition, global CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced when this technology is implemented.

Quality and safety are paramount in metering. All our meters are quick and easy to adjust and can be adapted to various standards and specifications.

AVK Industrial Nederland is the official supplier of Repico®InterAppWouter WitzelTEC ArtecCYL and OMV-INDOIL for the Dutch market. Via AVK Industrial Nederland you have access to the complete product program of the AVK Group, including OrbinoxI.C. Valves and J.C. Hansen.


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