Oil and gas

High quality valves for off shore and on shore applications and processes

The Oil and Gas market is characterized by the demand for high quality and reliable products that have to meet the very strict safety standards. In-depth knowledge and extensive experience are required – both on shore and off shore. Fast and adequate services, combined with a high degree of reliability and durability, are key elements.

For every application in the Oil and Gas market, AVK can supply specialized valves and accessories that meet the global applicable quality requirements, standards and approvals. Thanks to a large international network, AVK Industrial Nederland can closely monitor developments, respond to them and most importantly offer worldwide services.

All products are tested and approved before delivery, and full documentation, material certificates, installation and maintenance instructions are available for each product supplied.

Some areas of application for the Oil and Gas segment are: 

  • Petrochemical
  • Distribution
  • Production
  • LNG
  • Floating production
  • Storage & operation
  • Fire protection 
  • Cooling water

Industrial valves and accessories for oil and gas applications in various materials and diameters:

AVK valves and accessories are suitable for a variety of oil and gas processes and conditions:

  • Emergency stops
  • Gas measurement
  • Pressure monitoring systems
  • High pressure gas injection
  • LNG feed gas
  • Flow control main gas storage
  • Pressurize and release pressure
  • Pressure reduction control
  • High pressure drops
  • Erosion
  • Diffuse emissions
  • High velocity
  • Liquid gas
  • Multiphase crude oil
  • Acid gas
  • Hydrate formations
  • Noise restrictions
  • Vibration

AVK Industrial Nederland is the official supplier of Repico®InterAppWouter WitzelTEC ArtecCYL and OMV-INDOIL for the Dutch market. Via AVK Industrial Nederland you have access to the complete product program of the AVK Group, including OrbinoxI.C. Valves and J.C. Hansen.



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