Butterfly valve operation

For the actuation of the butterfly valves, you can choose from a manual operation via handwheel, lever or gearbox or an automatic operation with a pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator.

Handwheel or lever

  • For fast, manuel operation
  • Lift and turn operation with spring-operated locking
  • Lever parallel to valve disc
  • For butterfly valves upt to DN 250
  • Optional: locking plate in stainless steel, with lock holes or with 10 positions

Worm gear

  • For smooth, manuel operation
  • Available in left or right handed versions
  • Self-breaking worm gearbox with handwheel
  • Adjustable limit stop and position indicator

Pneumatic (available in different types)

  • Single acting (spring to open or close)
  • Double acting
  • Mechanical position indicator included
  • Optional among others: solenoid valve, position indicator (inductive), positioner, long stroke limiter


  • Electric AC or DC motor, self-breaking
  • Various options available for local and remote control and signaling
  • Bernard Controls: AQ series
  • Auma: SQ, SA, Auma Matic and Aumatic
  • Others brands on request