Centric butterfly valves with fixed liner - Wafer, Semi lug, Full lug and double flanged

Our fixed liner butterfly valves are among the very few of its kind and offer superior advantages.

An outstanding seating concept is the heart of the valve. The rubber is vulcanized directly on the valve body forming a permanent bond with an optimal rubber shore hardness. Consequently, there is no risk of deformation or dislocation of the liner. The valves are therefore suitable even under vacuum and water hammer conditions.

The disc has a profiled sealing edge which requires minimal deformation of the liner to achieve a tight sealing. This gives less wear of the liner and low operating torques.

Design features summary of AVK centric butterfly valve with fixed liner

  • Fixed liner design with vulcanized liner gives:
    o no tolerance problems between body and liner, gives long lifetime expectancy
    o no risk of deformation or dislocation, thus suitable under vacuum conditions
    o optimum shore hardness of the rubber, for the optimum resilience
  • AVK's own rubber liner with excellent ability to regain shape after compression
  • Disc with profiled sealing edge gives less wear of liner
  • Low operating torques due to fixed liner, profiled disc and shaft bearings
  • Streamlined disc prevents turbulence, pressure drops and valve vibration

Wafer, semi lug, full lug, double flanged butterfly valve - with any type of actuation

  • Dimensions: DN40-2000
  • Valve function: Isolating or regulating 
  • Actuation: Lever, wormgear, pneumatic and electrical actuators 
  • Materials: Shaft of stainless or duplex steel, disc of stainless or duplex steel or rilsan coated ductile iron, and liner of EPDM (for use with drinking water or high temperatures) , NBR or FKM (viton) for industrial applications. 

Where are centric butterfly valves with fixed liner used?

Fixed liner butterfly valves can be used under vacuum conditions as there is no movement and wear of the liner. Furthermore, the fixed liner valve is suitable for high flow velocities and high operating cycles e.g. open/close every few seconds. Fixed liner butterfly valves are typically used above ground, but the double flanged types are also suitable for below ground installations.

The centric butterfly valve with fixed liner can be used in a number of applications within water and wastewater treatment, fire protection and gas supply.



Centric butterfly valves with fixed liner

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