Centric butterfly valve with loose liner – wafer, lug and U-section with flanges

Our range of loose liner butterfly valves comprises wafer, lug and U-section butterfly valves in DN25-1600 with a wide selection of disc and liner materials. Actuations available are lever, gearbox, electrical or pneumatic actuators.

The replaceable liner has a very robust construction. Its convex form and integrated lip sealings in the shaft passage ensure a tight connection with the shaft. Moreover, the special shape ensures a unique grip to the body preventing any relative liner displacement during operation. The integrated gasket faces enable easy installation between flanges.

Desing features summary of AVK centric butterfly valves with loose liner 

  • Stainless steel shaft with anti-blowout design and position indication
  • Square driven disc mechanism with effective power transmission
  • Disce of acid-resistant stainless steel with streamlined shape for optimum flow characteristics and polished edges for minimum wear of the liner
  • Replaceable EPDM liner with a unique design 
  • Ductile iron body with extended neck for insulation and 200my epoxy coating 

Wafer, Lug and U-section with flanges - with all types of actuators

  • Wafer type DN25-1000
  • Lug type DN25-600
  • U-section DN150-1600
  • EPDM rubber liner for drinking water (max. 70°C) and wastewater/HVAC (max. 110°C)
  • Lever, gearbox, pneumatic or electric actuator

Variants for application with frequent or severe operation

  • Wafer type DN25-400
  • Lug type DN50-400
  • EPDM rubber liner for wastewater aeration/HVAC (max. 130°C), self-lubricating PTFE coated steel bearings and 200 μm polyurethane coating

Optional available

  • Material valve body in steel of stainless steel.
  • Material disc in ductile iron with rilsan, halar of polyurethaan coating, duplex material, aluminum bronze, chromed or polished execution.
  • Material liner in NBR, FKM (viton), Hypalon, Silicone, Flucast or suitable for foodgrade applications

Where are butterfly valves with loose liner used?

Loose liner butterfly valves are typically a cost-effective solution for applications above ground where replacement and maintenance are relatively easy. The liner is replaceable without a full replacement of the valve and the design gives more options for different liner materials.

The centric butterfly valve with loose liner can be used for a wide range of applications within water and wastewater treatment as well as for industrial water applications.


Centric butterfly valves with loose liner

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