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Damper Technology Limited, part of the AVK Group, is an industrial damper manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience of providing custom damper solutions to industry worldwide.

Wide range of damper products

We can provide a complete range of damper products to all industries Ro. We offer a wide range of quality damper products including butterfly dampers, louvre dampers, flap diverters, stack dampers, poppet valves and guillotines.

As specialists who design and manufacture damper products, we are able to create innovative solutions for various industrial manufacturing plants including Steel, Cement, Glass, Sulphuric Acid, Food & Beverage. We have a series of heavy-duty damper products already developed for optimal process efficiency and environmental protection in numerous industries, but we can also work with your business to develop products to suit your specifications or applications. 

In addition to our commitment to the continuous improvement of our operations, we also aim to use the products we deliver to promote the reduction of the environmental effects of our customer processes.

Dampers with Heavy-Duty Requirements for Special Applications

We can build project specific solutions for demanding environments, with special conditions and safety regulations. Our specialist dampers can, for example, withstand high fluctuating temperatures up to 1250 °C, increased pressure loads and contamination by corrosion. Our engineers account for the temperature, flow rate, pressure rate, dust content, spatial availability and specialist installation instructions when manufacturing dampers to suit different applications.

Dampers for Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

We provide a full range of damper solutions to the marine industry for use in ships exhaust gas scrubber systems to control Sulphur emissions. We have 2-way and 3-way dampers available for marine scrubbers, which comply with IMO’s recent regulations and aid their aims of delivering a cleaner tomorrow for all. Our marine dampers are available on a quick delivery basis so get in touch for more information on how we can help clean up your airflow.

Dampers for power generation

We provide a range of dampers to the power generation industry. Our damper product range can be used in conjunction with various industrial process systems, turbines and generators for gas isolation, regulation and control, waste heat recovery, CHP and environmental protection. The power plant industry faces many operational and environmental challenges, and our damper products can help improve the efficiency of your processes. We supply a broad range of specially engineered dampers including butterfly dampers, louver dampers and guillotine isolation dampers. 

Dampers for Oil and Gas Production & Refinery Facilities

We offer a vast range of damper products for onshore and offshore oil and gas installations. Our extensive experience in industrial damper production means we can provide high specification dampers for process / flue gas control and waste heat recovery. Built to exacting project specifications and backed up with bespoke documentation and certification packages, our dampers are key components to ensure operational efficiency and safety at onshore and offshore petrochemical installations in extreme environmental conditions.



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