Benefits Repico® couplings

The Repico® range offers a quick and simple connection solution for all pipes with possibility of angular deflection and easy handling due to the compact and light weight design.

Repico® pipe and repair couplings have several advantages over a traditional connection (or repair) method:

  • A Repico® coupling takes only minutes to install and requires hardly any preparation. This will save you initial material cost, labour cost and being able to finish installation much quicker.

  • There is no fire or explosion risk during installation, as the installation only requires a torque wrench. Less precautions and permits are required which shortens the installation time.

  • A Repico® coupling is smaller than a flange. You require less storage space, less transportation capacity, less space to install the pipe and you get more pipes close together in a smaller space.

  • Due to soft sealing materials the Repico® coupling will absorb vibrations, noise and will reduce fatigue fractures in the pipe system. You will experience more comfort and you will have less repairs in the future.

In-house production

The Repico® couplings and repair clamps are manufactured in our own production location AVK Rewag in Vaassen (NL), equipped with the most modern production machines and test equipment. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and we only use the highest quality stainless steel and rubber parts / seals. AVK Rewag has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing both standard and custom stainless steel products, which we sell in more than 40 countries worldwide.


AVK Repico® pipe and repair couplings

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Overview of the Repico® couplings and repair couplings