Hinge type repair couplings

In case of a leak, apply the Repico® repair coupling

Repico® Hinge type repair couplings. This repair couplings have a hinge to allow easy installation around the pipe. It is available with EPDM, NBR, Silicone and FKM seals.


  • Hinge type repair coupling provides a repair solution for all pipes that needs to be repaired permanently or temporarily. Available in DN 15-600
  • Progressive sealing
  • Easy installation by use of a torque wrench, limited space required for installation due to compact design
  • Made of stainless steel 316
  • Green PTFE coated bolts
  • Light weight

The Repico® range of repair couplings or repair clamps offers the possibility to repair a pipe when it is damaged or the integrity has degraded. This can be a temporary or permanent repair. All repair couplings have hinges or locks allowing the coupling to be “wrapped” around the damaged area. A repair coupling offers a quicker solution than replacing a pipe section and much less cost is involved. Spills into the environment or loss of valuable products can be stopped faster than most other methods offering a high integrity solution. Having several of them in stock can resolve unwanted situations by just torqueing a few bolts.


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