Slip grip couplings

Repico® SG – Slip Grip type coupling (non-tensile – tensile / axial flexible).


The Repico® Slip Grip is a combination of a slip and a grip coupling. The benefits of 2 types that are combined is as the coupling is secured to one pipe and allowing the other to expand and retract in the other side. One pipe will be restraint by its support, the other will be able to move within the support. This way the maximum of vibrations and noise in the system can be eliminated.

No special tools or skilled people are required to install the Repico® couplings. The pipe ends only need to be deburred and cleaned. The bolts tightened evenly and torqued with a torque wrench ensures a secure and durable connection.

  • Slip Grip type coupling provides a tensile / axial restraint and a non-tensile connection for all metal pipes, allows pipe section replacement
  • Easy installation by use of a torque wrench, limited space required for installation due to compact design
  • Progressive sealing and anchoring
  • Main components of stainless steel 316
  • Green PTFE coated bolts
  • Light weight, appr. 30% in comparison with flanged connections
  • 60% noise reduction compared to rigid connections


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