Resilient seated gate valve DN1200

We are happy to inform you that DN1200 has been added to our wide range of resilient seated flanged gate valves with face-to-face dimension according to EN 558-14/DIN F4 27-06-2023

The new DN1200 resilient seated gate valves are available in both PN10 and PN16, and with or without by-pass. The valves are designed with stem of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 and F25 actuator flange for mounting of gearbox or electric actuator.

The new dimension features AVK’s renowned wedge design with fixed integral wedge nut, a fully EPDM or NBR rubber vulcanized wedge and wedge shoes, and a removable gland flange for under-pressure replacement of bearings and seals. Furthermore, the flanged valve is equipped with integrated lifting eyes for an ergonomic and safe installation, a 3/4” connection plug for venting or installation of air valves, and removable plates at the bottom for flushing the slide rail.

See our short animation below.

Please refer to our datasheets for more details:

06/30-029 Gate valve, flanged, DN700-1200
06/30-030 Gate valve, flanged, DN700-1200, with by-pass


Gate valve DN1200

Please have a look at our brief introduction of our new resilient seated gate valves DN1200.

Product insights

Resilient seated gate valves

Gate valves are suitable for above- and underground applications. Not least for undergrond installation it is important to choose the right gate valve.

Here you can read all about the AVK gate valves. 

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